Ari repairing a watch

Fine Watch Repair by Mail

Why choose Ari to repair your fine watch?
  • Watch repair by a trained & certified watchmaker
  • I specialize in Swiss watch repair - Omega, Longines, Hamilton, Tissot, Nomos, Rado, Movado and many more
  • Support an American craft tradition
  • Get your repaired watch delivered to your door
  • Communicate directly with your watchmaker
  • Contact Ari for a free estimate or an incoming shipping label
The steps in the watch repair process
Repairs I offer include:
  • Battery replacement with pressure test
  • Quartz watch repair
  • Broken crystal replacement
  • Winding & setting issues
  • Complete movement service
  • Watch case & bracelet repair

Ari Baizerman, Swiss Watchmaker
picture of Ari Baizerman
Growing up in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul, Minnesota, I discovered watchmaking after studying machine design and working as a draftsman. I began my watchmaking career in 1999, soon relocating to Boston, working with several luxury watch dealers and workshops. While working with three award-winning master watchmakers, I developed a love for the complex art of fabricating parts and repairing watches dismissed by other watchmakers.

In 2007 I attended the WOSTEP school in Neuchatel, Switzerland for the Refresher Course, and was granted the title “Swiss Watchmaker” by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. Upon my return, I became the Technical Coordinator for Quality Control at Breitling USA, finishing with leadership of the first ETA 7750 sequential repair facility in Breitling's worldwide after-sales network.

Since 2010 I have worked directly for watch owners and jewelers.
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